Skateland USA West

200 Stagecoach Trail Greensboro, NC 27409



For those who feel they are ready to progress from Level 1 and are interested in learning more skills at a slightly faster pace and at a more difficult level.

Class time begins @ 6:00 PM

For new skaters or those who need help learning the basics or roller session skating.

Class time begins @ 5:30 PM

(You may arrive @ 5:00 PM)

For those who skate confidently and are comfortable learning skills that could be used as a beginners competitive level.

Class time begins @ 6:00 PM

(7:00 PM building cleared)

Come and join any of our three levels of learn-to-skate classes!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Classes are held on Monday Nights.

Classes are $30 a month per skater (Cash Only). This is a month to month fee and includes skate rental if need to use our skates.

Some things you will learn in our classes

  1. Forward skating • Backward skating • Balancing from one foot to the other •

  2. Falling and getting up safely • Spins • Jumps • Tricks and more........

Speed Skating Class

Speed Skating Classes start with the basics and build on

fundamental techniques for those that want to skate fast

and those wanting to pursue speed skating as a sport.

This Speed class is not a Beginner /Learn to skate class.

Speed Skating is for those that already know how to skate well.


Rent a Skate Mate for $5.00

(Available for small children)

Skate Mates may not be used during classes

Beginner Speed Skating Class

Saturday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

$8.00 per class

Learn how to speed skate

One of the fastest sports without a motor.

Be a part of Piedmont Racing.

One of the top speed skating clubs in the country.

In-lines or Quads